purify - 108 health & beauty
purify - 108 health & beauty
purify - 108 health & beauty
purify - 108 health & beauty
purify - 108 health & beauty
purify - 108 health & beauty


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Supports the revitalization of the lungs, sinuses and entire respiratory system.

Our purify formula brings together twenty-one important herbs that work synergistically to support the body in releasing and clearing impurities of the respiratory system.

Developed using our advanced Liposomal Micelle technology, purify lung formulation blends ultra-strength herbs together to give the respiratory system the essential support it needs to strengthen and rejuvenate.

We created the purify formula to support the respiratory system and, in particular, to allow regeneration and cleansing of the lungs when they are going through stress due to pollution, congestion and other lung-related toxicity or imbalance.

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Want to feel the benefits of purify even faster?

Follow these beneficial practices:

1. Skip dinner and opt instead for soup, juice or a caffeine-free herbal tea to give the body the chance to do some extra cleansing during the night instead of spending energy on digesting food.

2. On waking in the morning have a cup of hot water with ½ teaspoon of dry ginger to strengthen your digestion.

3. Eat your main meal at lunchtime so you can burn the food during the day and your body doesn’t create more mucus in the lungs during the night.

4. Take lighten, our liquid triphala formula, before bed to open the GI tract and help the intestines detox during the night. In the morning, the accumulated toxins will be ready to leave the body and open the channels of the system, making you feel much lighter.*

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