the synergy system™

Cleanse, balance and strengthen body, mind and spirit
Take all three of our powerful formulas together for optimum health, beauty and relaxation. Lighten loosens toxins during the night to support the body in feeling lighter on waking. This allows purify to work even deeper to cleanse the lungs, enhancing fortify’s power to calm and de-stress the mind.*

How the synergy system™ works
The body is comprised of eleven organ systems that work together for complete health. Out of the eleven, the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems work the hardest because of the present health crisis and people’s response to “health distress.”

This stress together with environmental and body pollutants have made the digestion weak and placed the lungs under additional pressure. When you take purify, lighten and fortify together, the formulas first affect the digestion and elimination system to build strength and eliminate excess toxins, which then allows the lungs to purify excessive mucus buildup.

As more toxicity leaves the body, fortify can work even deeper to allow the mind to rest and recuperate from mental burdens and too much thinking.

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