Do the formulas need refrigeration?
For best results and to keep the formulas fresh, keep them refrigerated. When traveling if no refrigeration is available keep them in a cool and dry space.

What is a Liposomal Micelle delivery system?
We use a combination of Micelle emulsion molecules and tiny lipid bubbles called Liposomes to transform our herbal formulas into smaller particles and deliver them through the digestive system for quick absorption into the body. Normally when you take pills and powders, the body must spend time breaking down and digesting the herbs or supplements. With our Liposomal Micelle system, the particles are broken down and delivered in a liquid form so absorption can begin straight away.

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What difference does a liquid Liposomal complex make versus other forms of supplements?
As we transform the herbal compounds into a Liposomal Micelle delivery system, the formula becomes four to five times more potent than the original herbs would be if mixed in water or taken as a pill.

How do I take the supplements?
Purify: 8 pumps under the tongue mid morning to clear the lungs. 8 extra pumps in afternoon when suffering from a cold/ flu/ pollution.
Fortify: 2-8 pumps under the tongue at times of stress or weakness during the day.
Lighten: 8-12 pumps before bed to cleanse GI tract. 4-6 pumps to clear stomach acidity.

Are your formulas made with alcohol?
No, they are alcohol free.

Do you use soy in your products?
No Soy is used.

How many months do the formulas stay fresh for?
29-36 months depending on the formula. As we only use herbs in the formulas, the longer they sit the more potent they become, especially in their taste and effect. 

Are there any known side effects to the formulas?
No, there are no known side effects from using these formulas and their ingredients. Our formulas are based on original Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine formulas that have been proven safe and effective over centuries of use.

Should I take more of the formulas than recommended?
We recommend you first take the stated dosages on the bottle and observe how the formulas work for you on any given day. You can then adjust dosages lower or higher, based on your moment-to-moment lifestyle needs and bodily functions.

Are your bottle and pump recyclable?
Yes, both can be reused and recycled. The pump itself is made from recycled post consumed materials. The bottle can also be reused by washing it and filling it with other products, especially for traveling as it is leak proof.

Why are the milligrams stated as less than some commercial brands?
Because of three reasons.
One is that when using the Liposomal Micelle delivery system, the formulas transform into 4-5 times the potency of the mg stated on the label as the particles are much smaller.

Secondly, we only recommend you taking a dosage which acts as a support system to your body. When taking more quantity of any supplement, the body becomes accustomed to the herbs and you will keep needing more to get the same results. This is not sustainable in the long run as the herbs will eventually have less effect.

Thirdly, when consuming herbs or any other food items, the body only uses what it needs in the moment and excretes the excess as waste.

Ideally you want to take a mixture of supplements with natural foods so the supplements complement your natural vitamin and mineral intake. This way your body will also make its own natural ‘inner supplements’ without becoming totally dependent on outside sources.

 Why don't you always use certified organic herbs?
 It is not always necessary to use certified organic products if the ingredients are certified non GMO. Organic refers to products that have not be treated with chemicals like pesticides or handled with harmful products during the growing, picking and packaging process. Organic also doesn't refer to a herb's potency or if it has been harvested correctly which is our focus. Our U.S based GMP certified manufacturer lab tests all ingredients for harmful chemicals as well as sourcing our herbs from suppliers or farms that provide lab certifications showing that they are non GMO. This certification is required by the FDA.    

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