The Science

our innovative Liposomal delivery technology

Ancient Wisdom Meets Advanced Technology

When Yogi Cameron first introduced traditional Ayurvedic formulas, the only people who took them regularly were the very ill. Some people resist taking traditional remedies because the formulas are so strong and the taste too foreign to their palate. Digestive weakness keeps others from being able to break the herbal formulas down, let alone absorb and assimilate them through the stomach lining or small intestine.

The Solution: Smaller is Better

In his search for answers, Yogi discovered Nano, Liposomal and Micelle technology.


Short for nanotechnology, which involves shrinking things down to the smallest scale.


Nano-emulsion molecules with one end attracted to water and the other attracted to oil. Good carriers for nutrients.


Tiny lipid bubbles that act as delivery vehicles to facilitate absorption of substances into the body. They protect nutrients from digestive breakdown so they can be assimilated.

This liposomal delivery technology system reduces the molecular structure of the herbs to make them smaller, so some of the formula is absorbed sublingually and the rest in the stomach and digestive tract. Liposomes and micelles work together as a powerhouse delivery team: They both carry ingredients while liposomes protect the herbal nutrients so they can survive the digestive system. The oil-based liposomes convert into a water-based micelle and fully absorb into the system. 

A winning combination: Ayurveda and Liposomal Micelle Technology

This technology gave Yogi Cameron the breakthrough that allowed him to create 108. As the structure of the Ayurvedic formulations is much smaller, your digestion doesn’t need to work hard to begin absorption of the particles. This means anyone can absorb the formulas. Due to our innovative liposomal delivery technology, the assimilation and absorption in the blood happens so quickly, the formulas can be felt in the body and experienced by the mind, making 108 tonics the most efficacious as possible.

You can say goodbye to taking lots of pills and capsules. Dosages needed are much smaller, as the liquid is more concentrated. The ancient formulas described by the original texts can be followed as they should be – without alteration, making them more palatable, easier to digest, and faster to absorb.

Our Formulations

The ancient elders of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine passed down knowledge and wisdom untainted by our fast modern lifestyle and shortcuts. They lived a pure, spiritual life, often in the forests and mountains, practicing a simple, natural approach to daily living and connecting to the higher energy of the Divine within themselves.

Among the existing Ayurvedic and TCM texts, we’ve received many different formulations – part preventative and part curative – prescribed to aid the body and mind to self-heal.*

108 Health and Beauty uses formulas based on the profound knowledge and wisdom of the sages and physicians who lived thousands of years ago. If these practices and formulas have worked for over 5000 years, then they’ve been tried and tested on billions of people, serving humanity well throughout time. 108 can now proudly bring you true healing at the scientific and holistic level.

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