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108 Health and Beauty brings you a 360-degree approach to wellbeing as a lifestyle, rather than a phase in life. On the 108 website you will find all the herbal natural scientific products you need to support this healthy lifestyle.

On our well-being portal, “Inspire Living,” you will find the practices and content, as well as the natural healthy living lifestyle support you need, so that you have all our resources available to you.

This portal is dedicated to natural healing, preventative practices, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic practices of diet and habit changes.

Together with taking your herbal supplements to keep your inner and outer health in balance, the practice of daily ritual, routines and spiritual evolvement will support your body and mind as it strives to fulfill your life long purpose.

With our natural healthy living lifestyle support system, you will find everything you need to start, build and sustain your journey of a strong body, a positive mind and a purposeful soul on

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