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Enlightened Beauty

Health and beauty remain interconnected and inter-dependent, especially for achieving longevity and a fulfilling life. Beauty not only emanates from our inner spiritual approach. It manifests from the physical state of our organs, cells, channels and genetic structure, which all determine the state of our health.

Outer Beauty is a Reflection of Inner Health

The balance of the body and mind reflect on the outside through youthful, healthy-looking skin and hair, bright, clear eyes, a harmonious mind – and a peaceful, contented heart. But environmental stressors, excessive noise and negative thoughts constantly overload our bodies and minds. We need support to bring ourselves back into harmony with our true healthy nature. This is natural health and beauty advice most people could benefit from implementing into their own lives.

The 75/25 Factor

Seventy-five percent of our outer beauty manifests from the health of our inner physical nature. The use of natural products on the surface of our skin and hair contribute to the other twenty-five percent.

108 Health and Beauty offers a complete, 100% approach to inner and outer health brought through the ancient tradition of Ayurvedic medicine and science. We provide the tools to nourish, strengthen and cleanse the inner body through diet, herbs, and physical and mental lifestyle practices, while also supporting the outer body, skin and senses with natural medicinals.

108 Health and Beauty is a Lifestyle – not a Product

When adapting traditional formulations to our daily lives, we take into account everything from what we eat to how we think, because 108 is a lifestyle approach – not a product line. You can put the most expensive and effective products on your face and body, but if you follow an incomplete diet, you will only reach 25% of your beauty capacity. And if you eat the correct diet and use the right facial products, but experience anxiety and stress without practicing ways to relieve that pressure, you will radiate pain and discomfort instead of beauty.

Of course, everyone is different and no system is 100% accurate; however, with our natural health and beauty advice, you can make the best choices for you and your health and well-being. 

108 is not about reaching perfection. It’s a path to living a natural, holistic and spiritual lifestyle that reveals to the world that you are in tune with Mother Nature through healthy habits and positive creative thoughts.

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