Ageless Healing

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Timeless Ayurveda

We derive almost all methods of natural healing from the two oldest healing systems in the world: Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

Ayurveda comes from the Vedas, the four books of wisdom that hold all knowledge of health and spiritual living, originating with the Rishis or seers of ancient times. These master practitioners understood how to live in balance with nature, using all her natural resources like food and herbs to assist in sustaining and healing body and mind. They knew that when any living organism exists in balance with nature, it flourishes.

The Art of Self-Healing

As natural organisms, we thrive when we eat organic food and plants, breathe in clean air and spend time in sunlight. These are potential benefits of natural medicine.

Through modern Ayurveda, we give the body the tools to recover and eradicate the root causes of toxic imbalance, by treating the individual with a steady flow of the correct herbal formulas. Each time the body and mind go through the process of self-healing, they become more resilient, because the body’s systems naturally practice self-preservation.

The Wisdom of Ancient Healing

Ayurvedic medicine guides people through a process of self-healing or preventative medicine using four distinct classifications:

1. Root Cause vs Treating Symptoms

Ayurveda states that a root cause feeds every ailment or disease. In treating any disruption of body or mind, the root cause needs to be detected for self-healing to begin. In contrast, the western approach to disease involves observing the symptom and treating the body accordingly.

2. Treating the Individual vs Treating the Disease

Ayurvedic medicine treats an individual and not the disease itself, which is actually only a symptom. As the body and mind go through the process of healing, they’ll exhibit signs and symptoms that will keep progressing and changing until healing is complete.

Western medicine continues treating symptoms and giving names to them, which are classified as diseases. Every symptom then becomes a single disease on its own.

3. Feeding the Body to Protect Itself vs Feeding the Body to be Protected

In detecting and finding the right healing method for any disruption in our system, Ayurveda indicates feeding herbal medicinals to both the body and mind, so the body uses the herbs as supplements to become stronger and overcome the discomfort or disease.

The western mindset prescribes feeding the body only the exact supplements or drugs that correspond to the symptoms, so the medicine can solve the issue for the body.

4. Treating Body and Mind as One Unit vs Separate Entities

In the Ayurvedic system, the doctor or practitioner treats the body and mind together, as whatever affects the body will also affect the mind and vice versa. In this way, healing happens in body and mind simultaneously.

In western medicine, the body is treated by a doctor and the mind by a therapist, as they are viewed as distinct from each other. The unity of both of these elements could help one reap the maximum benefits of natural medicine.

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