Meet our founder,
Yogi Cameron

Meet our founder,
Yogi Cameron.

After spending over a decade in the fashion industry back in my twenties as the face of many high fashion and beauty brands, I began to understand what drives people's intense pursuit of outer beauty. But I was also curious how this external attention could be balanced with inner health.

My journey of discovery landed me in India at the beginning of 2003 to study Yogic philosophy and Ayurvedic medicine as a practitioner and Yogi. In Yogic science I found all that I needed to learn about the mind and the function of higher consciousness. In Ayurveda, I studied the biology of the human body and how to reach a balance through healing treatments and a complete lifestyle based in natural living. That study and practice became my life's work, my joy and purpose: to bring Ayurveda and Yogic lifestyle to you. Because I know from my own experience of nearly two decades of following this lifestyle and how profoundly all the people I have guided have found such healing within themselves, I know that Ayurvedic living and practices can have the same affect in your life also. It just needs practice.

The culmination of 30+ years of education and experience in health and beauty led me to the creation of 108. I love the look in people's eyes when they finally find relief, healing, answers, and a path to fulfillment and joy after many years of searching. This is why 108 came into existence, to be a partner on your journey of health, prosperity and healing.

I look forward to being of service to you on this extraordinary journey together.


"Beauty is a reflection of inner health."
- Yogi Cameron

About Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron has embodied every role in his professional life - from Super Model to Yogi - with a commitment to excellence, integrity, and his trademark sense of humor and joy.

As a world renowned model, Yogi walked the runways of Paris for top design houses like Dior, YSL and Gaultier, co-starred in videos with Madonna and Elton John, and appeared as the face of major brands. After 12 years working in the heights of fashion and beauty, he embraced a journey of inner discovery, beginning with a decade of immersion and study of Ayurvedic medicine and spiritual science in India. During his years traveling and studying, he met his beloved future wife and fellow sojourner on the yogic path, Yogini Jaima.

After many years as a student, Yogi Cameron became the teacher, bringing his knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga to guide others into healing and the discovery of their own balance of inner and outer beauty. He's also authored 3 books, The Guru in You, The One Plan, and The Yogi Code: 7 Universal Laws for Infinite Success. Yogi Cameron travels the world as a speaker spreading the wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yogic Sciences, and conscious lifestyle practices to a wide-ranging audience. He is certified by NAMA, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association at practitioner level. Today, Yogi Cameron brings his sense of style and elevated brand consciousness to his vision as creator of 108 health and beauty. He lives his life joyously through purpose, passion, and service in helping others find the same.

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