The moment people wake up in the morning, they focus on two things:
How they feel and how they look.

Health and beauty are interconnected and inseparable. 108 Health and Beauty draws on thousands of years of ancient wisdom passed down through Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to strengthen that interconnectivity. That means we use tried and true natural remedies proven in “clinical trials” that took place over centuries and with billions of people.

The Vedic masters tested herbs and botanicals, refining their results through daily use and practice. But most of these exceptional formulas can challenge our taste buds and digestive track. So Yogi Cameron searched for answers in the latest advances in science. Liposomol Micelle technology allows us to make our 108 formulas more bioavailable, easy to digest and quick to absorb into our bodies – so they go to work instantly.

Yogi Cameron has immersed himself in these practices for years, finding his own balance of inner and outer beauty. 108 Health and Beauty allows you to personalize your use of each of the herbal formulas to daily fine-tune your own body and beauty – and we bring you the tools and guidance to support you along the way.

Yogi Cameron chose to honor the mystical number 108 in our name, and it sets a high bar for our formulations.

It would take 108 pages to really examine the number, which resonates in many wisdom traditions and repeats in sacred geometry, astronomy, astrology, and physics. For instance, Earth orbits a distance of 108 times the diameter of the Sun, and the Moon’s distance from Earth is 108 times its own diameter, while the Sun’s diameter equals 108 times the diameter of Earth.

Yoga reveres 108 as the number of spiritual completion, so we do 108 cycles of pranayama and sun salutations. We pray mantras on a mala of 108 beads. You’ll find 108 steps at Hindu and Buddhist temples and 108 postures in the Wu style of Tai Chi. Vedic Jyotish astrology explains how the 9 planets in the solar system go through the 12 months of transformation – 9 X 12 = 108.

There is much more to this mystery. 108 embodies the wholeness of existence, an echo of the Divine, and the healing wisdom of nature and the body.

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