Why Self-Healing Is the Future of Medicine

Yoga in the Early Morning


In the last 100 years since the industrial revolution as we have many more people populating big cities, we are contending with many new disease variants brought on by ‘the modern artificial lifestyle.’ With this new age of technology our lives seem to be moving much quicker, giving rise to many more imbalances to our inner environment (the body and mind) as well as depleting the outer environment (nature).

This phenomena has brought on two major challenges for us to solve;

More Waste

More Pollution.

We have seen a massive shift from once living off the land by eating and breathing the cleanest natural aspect of Mother Nature, to living more artificially through interactions with electronics, machines and artificial or genetically modified products. Our system is organic and needs other organic matter to live off which is only produced by nature. At the moment the body and mind are being fed through an artificial form which is giving the system more and more symptoms of ailments and disease. And what we are seeing with conventional medicine is that for each symptom that is named, a new drug is produced. But chemicals are also artificially made and in the long run create more symptoms called side effects. 

How the Body Heals Itself 

When the body heals itself, it goes through a metamorphosis of kinds as it learns how to defend and rebuild its cells and structure. It’s this process that either becomes preventive or curative in nature, where the body and mind keep a memory of the experience and how to overcome the situation next time.  

Self-healing has been the backbone of Ayurvedic medicine as well as all other natural healing processes which aid the system to combat disease. The native tribal people as well as villagers throughout India, China and in other regions have a long history of using Mother Nature’s resources to heal all the diseases brought on by environmental pollution and the travelers coming to their land.

The Future is Now 

So, there are only two roads to travel as we move forward. Either choose the natural path and start to heal the ailments from within or to go deeper into the artificial world and see what happens to our body and mind.

The people and industries who invent gadgets and GMO products are not going to stop production so long as they have customers. So, waiting for the world to change is a long wait. The future of medicine is right now at your disposal. 

It’s called a sattvic balanced lifestyle.

Drawing of a sattvic balanced lifestyle

How To Live A Sattvic Balanced Lifestyle

  1. Focus on organically grown foods that consist of consuming the right diet and herbal formulations for your individual system.  
  2. Follow a doshically/elemental balanced lifestyle which is about creating habits that lead to a balanced routine.
  3. Minimize the use of electronics.  If you learn to use the artificial energy (created through electronics) for a limited time each day, you will find that the negative effects of radio waves and radiation will be minimized to the point the body and mind can cope without any damage being done to the system.

In doing the above, you will find that all the stress and anxiety of excess work will start to dissipate and your body and mind will return to their natural default setting- namely homeostasis.  Homeostasis is the natural balance of body and mind.  It needs our attention to become a reality. It requires us to be a participant in the journey of self-healing because we are individuals whose body and mind are in constant movement each moment. 

Once you understand your nature and your body and mind from the inside out, you will also know how to stay in balance using your intuition which will guide you to health and wellbeing. But first there needs to be a commitment from you to yourself, so that the process of self healing can begin. 

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