The Root of Inflammation

Inflammation is caused when the body reacts to over-activity and stress on itself. Your immune system sends out an inflammatory response system in order to protect and heal.  The result is that heat is produced, impacting your body through pain, fatigue, skin rashes, sores, asthma, and many other symptoms.  When we are overactive, whether it be over eating, over working, or over exercising, our body naturally creates more heat which manifests as inflammation in various tissues. 


Over-activity of the body as well as the mind causes irritation in the body, which has a multitude of health impacts. It causes the body to feel hotter than it is and increases the heat circulating within. 

Inflammation starts in the weakest part of the body, which is normally the digestive system.  Stress impacts the gut microbiome by triggering a release of hormones that disrupt the health of the gut. When the gut is not healthy, it impacts the anti-inflammatory responses in our digestive system and throughout the immune system. 

108 Health’s Lighten Triphala formula treats digestion and the gastrointestinal tract where the root of inflammation has its beginning.  

The Mind-Body Connection of Inflammation

The mind has a powerful ability to impact our bodily response to stress when it comes to inflammation.  When our body is producing excess heat mostly because of the over activity of the mind, we need to cool it down through different practices. Practices like meditation or taking different herbal formulas are the primary way we help the body control and heal itself. Also creating a slower routine forces stillness and calmness of the mind, which in turn reduces the over-activity that is causing the symptoms of inflammation.