Restoring and Preserving Your Beauty

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How beautiful do you feel today? Notice we didn’t ask how beautiful you look.

So much emphasis is placed on outer beauty and how our skin or hair looks, that there is a lot of underlying pressure especially on women in our modern society to conform and look a certain way. And most of this pressure is usually placed on ourselves thinking we need to look our best or look younger.

But what does it mean to look our best? Does it mean to look our most natural and untouched, does it mean we wear some or a lot of makeup, is it to have Botox and fillers in our face or to even have plastic surgery to make ourselves look younger. What does it mean to be beautiful in this century?

The definition of beauty and what is considered beautiful changes as generations grow up and create new trends. In the 80’s models with curves were considered the most beautiful while in the 90’s the ‘skinnier the better’ was the trend. In the 50’s having any body markings or even having your ears pierced was frowned upon, while today having the whole body tattooed and lips pierced is a normal part of people’s external identity. 

But no matter what trends Vogue declares as the new look or an influencer says is the most sexy and gorgeous, how you feel is always going to be the first factor that defines your beauty and not how you appear on the outside. This is because when you feel good, you look your best. We look beautiful when our eyes glow, our skin is clear and we give off a vibrant energetic ‘vibe’ which is coming from within.

True natural beauty is sustained and fed through the 11 systems of the organs, through the 72,000 channels and the 108 energy points of the body. It’s nourished through organic food and digestible drinks. But above all it is sustained through a positive attitude which is loving and kind to all beings and to one self.

The Ayurvedic and Yogic principles of diet, thought awareness and lifestyle routine balance address all the aspects of inner and outer beauty, so that beauty becomes a natural effect of balanced living and not a goal to be achieved.

This way of approaching beauty makes for a beautiful person with positive intentions and a purposeful existence. It is a much more expansive and fulfilling beauty which brings contentment in our minds and a self-love that gives us confidence and a deep appreciation of all of life which is inclusive of the life of the ecosystem, the life of all beings and our own life.

This expansive beauty has no limits and always chooses to give and to listen. This beauty has no limits and is ageless.

Next time you look in the mirror, close your eyes and see the depth of your beauty beyond your face. This will help you experience your true beauty from within and you will start to look and feel like you have never felt before.

Look Beautiful Inside Out


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