Is it Brain Fog?

Does it feel like you just can't seem to get focused on a task? It's almost as if something is just…hanging over you. And that makes trying to do anything, even the simplest of tasks become more difficult than they need to be. So what can you do about brain fog? Are you overstressed and unmotivated? Or are you moving too slow that you are just procrastinating getting the task completed?

Who doesn't get ‘brain fog’ once in a while? 'Brain fog' refers to unmotivational feelings, general lack of mental clarity, or simply not understanding (or the lack of wanting to understand) what you see on the computer screen anymore.   

In Ayurveda understanding, however, it is important to determine what the cause of the brain fog is. Often you may just be moving too slow, procrastinating the task because the problem at hand is just too big or you are not in the mood to address it. This is not true brain fog. True brain fog is caused by overstimulation and stress. It occurs because our doshas/ elements are unbalanced, and we have too much fire/ Pitta or Vata / air. In this case, we need to rebalance and slow down to cool our body and calm the mind. Yoga nidra and chanting the mantra LAM can really help with this. Eating the right foods and getting the right amount of sleep can help rebalance the body.  Formulas such as 108 Health's Fortify are good for calming the mind when it is stressed.

It's normal for our motivation level to fluctuate, but identifying the root cause of low motivation levels is the first step towards addressing them. As with many other debilitating conditions, finding the right treatment and working towards long-term mind, body and spirit balance may be the most effective route towards getting and staying healthy.