How to Stay Balanced During the Holidays

Balance your health with healthy food

The holidays can bring a lot of joy to our lives, but the frenetic energy can also leave us stressed, tired, and agitated. Even those who enjoy the decorating, time with family, and celebrations throughout, this time of year can take its toll from overwhelming fatigue and mental exhaustion.  

The long term effects of stress are detrimental and can lead to disease and other disorders. Understanding your body and emotions during these times is essential to staying centered and reducing stress. Signs to look for are:

  • Sleep issues
  • Digestive Problems
  • Headaches
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Irritability

Ayurveda and Balance

Ayurveda looks internally and externally to achieve balance with your doshas (elements) and environment around you. If there is a disturbance in both of these factors, then you simply don’t feel balanced.  In Ayurveda, healing is approached according to your dosha and which ones predominate your nature and which ones are diminished or elevated. We honor the elements of air, space, fire, water, and earth both within our bodies and the environment which is the eco system.  

There are five elements among three doshas: Vata (air and space), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (earth and water).  We have all five elements within us, but our individuality is that each one of us has more or less of each dosha activated at certain times. These two times are:

  • When the body is resting- our doshic level is normal or calm. 
  • When we are active- the elements become active and move up or down in energy.

As we become imbalanced, we need to understand our dosha/ element activity and limits, in order to be able to return to a balanced state. Here are some guidelines for each dosha.


Signs of vata imbalance are constipation, weakness, insomnia, sensitivity to temperatures, rough dry skin, nervousness, and confusion. 

In order to rebalance, eat grounding warming foods like steamed vegetables, a calming cup of tea, or a warm bowl of soup. Maintain a schedule with a fixed routine of the same time each day. Indulge in warm baths, oil the body and listen to soothing music, and meditate on a consistent basis. 


When this dosha is out of balance, it’s symptoms are anger and irritability, excess feeling of heat in the body, inflammation, body odor, and excessive sweating. 

To rebalance Pitta, it is important to eat cooling, stabilizing foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, quinoa, basmati rice, and legumes. Avoid grains like corn, polenta, and brown rice, as well as dairy like hard cheese, sour cream, and salted butter. Balance work and play. Don’t over-indulge in too much of either or pressure yourself with time. Spend time in nature.


The Kapha dosha shows signs of imbalance through symptoms such as lack of motivation, weight gain, stubbornness, slow digestion, and bloating. 

Kapha needs energizing inspiration to feel motivated and invigorated. Diet should be focused on spicy, warming foods.  Use spices like pepper, ginger, or turmeric. Eat bitter foods like cranberries, kale, and broccoli. Exercises like dancing, energetic yoga, or fast-pased walking can help combat the sluggish feelings from Kapha. Fasting a little is also a great practice.

Balance for Keeping Stress Low

The good news is that regardless of dosha imbalance, you don’t need to adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle overnight in order to maintain low stress levels and stay focused and energized during the holidays. The keys to avoiding holiday burnout are:

  • Eating less and healthy as well as taking the right herbal supplements 
  • Staying hydrated with herbal teas and minimize alcohol consumption
  • Exercising and maintaining active lifestyle no matter what others are doing
  • Getting enough sleep but don’t over sleep to become lethargic
  • Don’t let go because it’s the holidays and think you will be healthy in the new year 

Check in with yourself regularly, keep a disciplined routine and know when to stop and focus on yourself for a bit! 

Yoga for Health

Supplements for Balance

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