Cleansing, Detox and Fasting - Which is Right for You?

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We’ve all heard the terms cleansing, detox, and fasting. But what is the difference and which is right for you? The body is never devoid of toxins. So, when speaking of cleansing we are not getting rid of all toxins but only some of them.

How does the body detox?

Every moment of the day and night the body is cleansing. It does this through the 11 systems – integumentary, urinary, pulmonary, respiratory, digestive & GI, etc as well as through the orifices of the body- nose, ears, eyes, anus, urethra, skin, etc.

How does the mind cleanse?

Letting go of thoughts, not going into the past or future, not pulling from the subconscious, staying in the present.

How do we cleanse the body?

There are two ways to cleanse the body:

1- Periodic cleansing 
2- Daily cleansing

Cleansing periodically in a bigger way is good for when we are in recovery or have a virus or flu, or we need to detox quickly in a short time. It’s more curative in nature. However, it can be harsh on the body, especially on the bones and muscles particularly on a Vata/ thinner body type. The body needs nourishing straight after this cleansing to build fat content otherwise fatigue will set in the deeper tissue. 

Cleansing daily is more preventative. Meaning it helps the body cleanse itself little by little continuously rather than forcing it to cleanse. This is preferable in order to prevent toxin buildup. It’s also less harsh on the body as we are not forcing the movement of toxins.

Both methods use herbal formulas, herbal infusions, Shatkarmas, Kriyas and Pranayama practices (All practices found on

There is a much deeper cleanse also called PanchaKarma which is used in Ayurvedic treatment of the body and mind which can be done under the supervision of a practitioner who administers the procedures. This is recommended once or twice a year depending on the condition of the person’s body and state of the mind. 

How do we cleanse the mind?

When the senses are quiet and not very stimulated the mind is peaceful. When we are chanting mantras or meditating the mind can let go of toxic attachments. Changing our point of view, being adaptable and adjustable to life helps to also cleanse our mind.  

The reason we perform both cleansing of the body and mind is because;

1- Body and mind are connected
2- Cleansing effects both body / mind
3- Cleansing often leads to a spiritual journey


Fasting is a type of cleansing which is usually done with water, juice or herbal teas. As this involves only having liquids, it helps the body detox in a quicker way. But this method isn’t right for everyone.

To determine if it is right for you, consider the answer to these questions;

How much extra fat do I have on my body which I can lose and still be a healthy weight for my body structure?
What is my goal in wanting to fast?
How long should a fast be, considering my goal and my body size?


So, you should now have a better understanding of what cleansing, detoxing and fasting really does to the body and how to use each method based on your physical and mental body and mind type.

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